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See-Thru Maple Board

See-Thru Maple Board

Unique clear epoxy board with two beautiful live edge maple pieces facing inwards to show their live edge frozen in a transparent epoxy. For anyone that wants to truly appreciate the one-of-a-kind features of the wood.


Finish: Mineral Oil & Beeswax


Size: 19.25" L x 10.25" W x 5/8" H



- Maple 


Epoxy Boards:

Epoxy Boards are unique with no two alike. They make for excellent charcuterie boards, serving trays, or simply conversation pieces. While they may come in similar shapes and sizes to cutting boards, the epoxy doesn't hold up as well under a knife as a hardwood. Thus, we don't recommend using these as straight cutting boards. But they look great with some cheese and crackers on them!



Pretty please don't put your wood cutting boards in the dishwasher! This will quickly destroy them. To keep a cutting board like this looking beautiful for a lifetime, just rinse with a wet rag and then promptly wipe dry. Boards need to get fed with mineral oil on occasion to maintain their natural water resistance. Every month or two rub your board down with a healthy coating of mineral oil. Allow this to soak into the wood so that it can fight off any water from penetrating into the wood. To top it off, a thin coating of beeswax will give your board a sheen that will make it look like new again. Many "board butters" that you see on the market are a simple blend of mineral oil and beeswax and applying this will accomplish both in one step. (We even sell some right here on our site! Homemade in my own kitchen. The wife loves it when I get melted beeswax all over our cooking utensils!)

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